Maximum Reliability: SenerTec Center Mainburg GmbH.

The Dachs is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art micro CHP unit based on a natural gas, LPG, fuel oil or bio diesel fuelled internal combustion engine. The one-cylinder four-stroke engine has a capacity of 579 cm³ and was designed to achieve maximum reliability with minimal maintenance intervention.

Operating consistently and successfully across Europe for many years, the Dachs is proven technology and has become the number one choice in micro-CHP. SenerTec GmbH, and its partner network have installed over 25,000 units.

The Dachs suits many applications from domestic dwellings, apartment developments, social housing developments, nursing homes, key worker accommodations, community heating systems, hotels and hospitals. Furthermore the Dachs suits commercial applications, meeting base load electrical and thermal demands. The Dachs SE System can be configured to meet the varying heat and power demands of different building types. Therefore Dachs Installations range from stand-alone units to full systems working in conjunction with other sources of heat and power. Such applications can all benefit from the energy cost savings and environmental benefits provided by the Dachs.

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