Competence on the spot.

Your project is on our table long before our fitters get started. We have the expertise to come in right back at the planning stage, and consistent documentation is all part of our service. This provides you with a sense of security for the present and the future.  

ARRIBA software for integrated construction processes: Detailed estimates, order documents and bills of quantities in standardized ARRIBA software format conforming to GEAB90 and 2000.

CAD-MicroStation: Having been presented with the building engineering plans on screen there will be no surprises for you further down the line. We design and develop to your specifications or to tender requirements on the MicroStation Version 8 CAD platform and the DWGEN project management system developed by Bentley.

CE certification: compliance with all European directives; certification for all goods and services.

Storage at all locations: quick and flexible respond to any requirement; smooth procession of orders. 

Network documentation: generation of network diagrams; full and relevant network documentation by Microsoft Visio.

System analyses: analysis of existing systems to increase their efficiency; amendment of documentation, modification of control components, updating of power units, introduction of planning systems (MicroStation).

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