Data networks for your business.

Your day-to-day business demands maximum capacity and top performance from your data network. We consider ourselves equal to this task. We can build data highways which will meet all your technical requirements and will not be obsolete tomorrow. 

Telecommunications systems
Exploit all the potential offered by modern-day technology. We harness its potential for your practical use: Assembly and installation of entire telephone systems, TAE / RJ45 two-wire networks, dect wireless networks, relocations and recovery of faults with terminal equipment, telephone network documentation, Voice over IP.

Local Network Services (LNS)

Skilled professionals, all certified by Cisco (CCNA), guarantee maximum safety when working on projects such as preventive maintenance of network components, repair or exchange of defective network components, arrangement of power connections in EDPC server networks, extension of network components in access zone, installation and initial operation of access points, software updates on network components, troubleshooting on core, distribution and access components.

Data transfer lines
We apply the latest standards to relay electronic data quickly to the intended destination.

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